Om Shree Shyam Devaya Namah  

Every Dwadshi of Shukl Paksh of any month or whenever you want to do Baba Kirtan, after sweeping the floor and cleaning of utensils etc. Prepare Kheer (Rice) & Churma. When it is ready keep it at the place where you want to have Satsang or Kirtan.

At the same place put Shri Khatu Shyam Ji’s Photo or Shri Krishna’s Picture. Also keep Shri Ganesh Ji and Hanuman Ji’s pictures.

In front of that lit cow dung upla without any smoke & keep on chanting “Om Shri Shyam Devai Namah”. Also lit a pure ghee diya (Jyot). Prepare a thali by keeping Roli, Rice, Agarbati etc.

During all this keep singing Bhajan of Shyam Baba & also read Shyam Chalisa.

In the end lit 5 Jyoti Diyas & do Shyamji / Hanuman Ji Arti. After offering of Prasad to Shri Khatu Shyam Ji distribute the prasad among all the present Shyam devotees & your neighbourhood.

Basic Rules To be followed During Bhajan & Kirtan